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"I couldn't be happier with my results."

Eva explains her full mouth reconstruction experience, which began when she came to Dr. David Casagrande needing a large amount of dental work for extensive damage. Although she was nervous, the River Valley Advanced Dental & Implant Center team comforted her by always being knowledgeable and available. A week after receiving her final restorations, Eva is extremely happy with her results and already notices a life-changing boost in her self-confidence. 

"I get comments about my smile and my teeth all the time."

In this full mouth reconstruction testimonial, Tamie explains how she came to River Valley Advanced Dental & Implant Center for a full mouth reconstruction nearly two decades ago. Over the course of a year, she completed various restorative dentistry treatments under the direction of Dr. David Casagrande. Now, she is happy with the feel and aesthetics of her results.
"I have lived in Boise for forty years and was never really satisfied with my dental choices. I have ha to compromise for too many years. Then I met Dr. David Casagrande. He is an artist. I am so happy with the work he did, that I am proud to smile again. He and his staff are kind and compassionate. If you are looking for the best care possible this is the place."

Dino M.  

"It isn’t often these days that a medical professional takes the time to really listen to your needs and concerns, then takes the time to work with you to carefully explain your treatment options, the pro’s and con’s of the various options, and gives you the time you need to make a decision you are comfortable with and feel confident in.

Dr. Casagrande is such a professional. Further, his support staff, Holly in particular, never drops the ball, always follows up as promised, and can always be relied upon to take care of all the issues that inevitably crop up in the course of your treatment.

I have had numerous experiences over the years with Dental professionals, implants, prosthesis, and the like, and will confidently say that Dr. “C” has been by far my best experience. I would heartily recommend him and his practice to anyone who wants real care and excellent medical / prosthetic treatment."

Rodney M.  

"I had a lifetime of horrific dental experiences. The majority of the time I had dental work done, it would result in the worst case scenario. My dental history consisted of a lot of extreme pain, stress, emotional trauma, & a lot of dollars! I finally realized this was just very expensive “band-aids” that were doing nothing to improve my overall oral health. It finally reached the critical point where I made the difficult decision to be done with this type of dental care as it was hopeless.

At 52 years old, the traditional denture was not a desirable option for me. After months of researching full mouth reconstruction & implant options, I grew more frustrated, depressed, desperate, & hopeless and was still unclear as to how/where to take those next vital steps.

It was actually my husband who then took over the search for a long lasting solution and came upon Dr. Casagrande’s website. Being very impressed with his background and reviews, he contacted Holly at the Billings office and briefly shared my story. A consult was set up in Boise soon after and as always, I was extremely nervous and not very hopeful. This was the beginning of my incredible journey with Dr. Dave that literally changed my life! Unlike any other health care professionals I have encountered, Dr. Dave listened, understood my fears, validated my feelings on the severity of my situation, explained different options specifically related to my personal case and eased a lot of my anxiety. He always treated me with respect and was never judgmental, but (brutally) honest and straightforward without sugar-coating. His knowledge of advanced dentistry/ prosthodontics is unsurpassed!! I was so fortunate Dr. Dave came up with a long-term treatment plan for me and was committed to restoring function and health as well as a beautiful, confident smile. I was a “challenging” patient and we experienced many roadblocks throughout the 18+ month process. However, Dr. Dave never wavered in his rock solid support (including patience), awesome communication & professionalism no matter what difficulties arose! His care went far beyond the dental chair…post-surgery calls, available 24/7 to answer any & all dumb questions, even an urgent trip to Billings from Boise to make necessary repairs on my temporary denture. There is absolutely nothing he can’t fix (dental-wise)!!!!

I am so impressed and appreciative for Dr. Dave’s other team members also! They all went above & beyond & I am so grateful for their informative and caring ways! Simply the best! I am so blessed to have found Dr. Dave. He gave me something I never thought possible and changed my life in the process!! I am eternally grateful and am happy to also call him my friend! "

C. Breshears

"I had gone to an oral surgeon Dr. [NAME HIDDEN] because of severe sores in my mouth caused from dentures that would not stay in place. My goal was mini implants. Silly me. His response was “I cannot help you, you have severe bone loss.” Your only hope is possibly Zygomatic implants. But first you need to meet with Dr. Casagrande. The first time I met Dr. Dave he said “This is bad, but we can fix it”. We went over the cost and what needed to be done. Come to find out it was not going to be 1 Zygo but 4 and a dental implant. The decision was made to move forward. Thinking the whole time we would be done in a year. But as Dr. Dave will attest to, that was not the case. Over the course of the next 2 ½ years we went through 3 failed implants and many setbacks. Every time Dr. Dave and the staff assuring me that we might not win the battle, but we would win the war. On October 21, 2105, I had my new set of Pro Max on the tops and the bottoms. I haven’t stopped smiling since. The other day we ran into another setback (leave it to me to be the first), and as always Dr. Dave and the staff was behind me 100% to make it right. I’ve never once looked back. Thank you for everything"

Charlotte G.

"My experience with Dr. Casagrande (Dr. Dave) was nothing short of Life-Changing. Previous dental work had been a factor in my developing a severe TMJ condition. . My symptoms included significant problems with swallowing, vocal stress and constant pain in my face, shoulders and even arms... My treatment was lengthy, often frustrating, and expensive...and completely worth the investment of time and money. I am symptom free and beyond grateful I was lucky enough to be Dr. Dave's patient. I cannot imagine what my life would look like today if I had not had this opportunity. Seriously. THAT big a deal."

Paula S.

"I knew I was going to need several implants when I began my research for a prosthodontist.  I spent a year looking at specialists in several states and my research kept bringing me back to Dr. Casagrande. Due to a genetic issue, I ended up having 24 teeth removed, the addition of bone graphs and the installation of a full set of teeth.  Over this journey, Dr Casagrande and his staff were supportive, helpful and genuinely caring.  In the end, Dr. Casagrande’s combination of engineering, artistry and skill were unmatched.  I would recommend his office to anyone needing this type of dentistry regardless of where you live."

Wendy D.

"Went to Dr Dave as a referral from my oral surgeon Dr. Bailey. I had a total replacement of all my teeth with dental implants. The staff was great to work with and the finished product looks great. Dr. Dave and staff (Holly) kept me well inform through the entire process. I would certainly recommend their office to anyone. Just swell folks all around.  "

Doug O.

I travel over 600 miles one way to see Dr. Casagrande, and it is worth every mile! I was always sick, spent so much money with various dentists, and still ended up with many decayed teeth that couldn’t be saved! Dr. Dave has given me my health back and for the first time in my life, after I worked with Dr. Dave, I haven’t had any medical doctor visits for years! I am so grateful for him and his staff. Dr. Dave’s commitment to patient care and his work is above reproach!!

Anne N.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 sinus cancer, a diagnosis that would change my life forever. I had never smoked nor been exposed to toxic chemicals. The doctors told me that “cancer just happens sometimes”. My surgeon told me I would live but I would lose my left eye and my left upper pallet in my mouth, followed by radiation therapy. I would have difficulty eating and permanent speech impairment. After the surgery I went from 185 pounds to 140 pounds. I had fallen into a depression because I felt I had no hope for a “normal” life again. I missed the “old me”. I had recently retired after serving a career in law enforcement, so much for enjoying my “Golden Years”. 

After my surgical procedures I was fitted with a rather realistic looking eye prosthesis, but finding someone with the experience and knowledge to custom make an oral obturator which would allow me to eat more normally and improve my speech to be understandable was going to be a greater challenge.  I was referred to Dr. David Casagrande in Billings, Montana. I met with Dr. Dave in Fargo, ND and after examining me informed me that he could help improve my life. I was given hope again. After several trips to Dr. Dave’s clinic in Billings I was fitted with a new oral obturator that he custom designed for me. My weight returned to normal because I was able to eat better again, and my speech improved where I was once again understandable. Praise God!

Dr. Dave and his staff have become family to me. I am so grateful for what they have done to improve my life. I still miss the “old me”, but the “new me” is a far cry from where I was after cancer. 

Dr. Dave and his staff change lives. I am forever in their debt, because they brought me back from the brink of despair. 

Michael M.

"For most of my adult life, I would not smile openly due to embarrassment. I had an overbite, most of my teeth were loose, discolored and some were oddly shaped. I had periodontal disease, and when it was suggested that I prepare myself for dentures, my sister insisted that I seek a consult with a prosthodontist. I will be forever grateful for her insistence. Upon a friend’s recommendation I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Casagrande. I found him extremely knowledgeable, most professional, and sensitive to my situation and concerns. I felt immediately at ease as Dr. Casagrande discussed my treatment plan options at length and laid out both a treatment and financial plan. I appreciated that he was aware that the process of treatment could affect my emotional state of being. He assured me that Zygoma implants (upper jaw) and lower jaw implants would not only impact my confidence and physical appearance but my quality of life as well.

Dr. Dave and his skilled personnel (LaTonya, Yvonne, Holly) were available whenever I had questions, concerns and/or needed reassurance. There were occasions that the temporary dentures needed adjustments and I was welcomed with open arms. Their approachability and warm personalities help nurture the doctor patient relationship and solidified the trust I felt.

Words cannot describe how elated I am with the results of Dr. Dave’s wonderful work. He prepared me for the process and the length of time it would take, and he meticulously prepared my prosthodontics, advising me of each step, and worked tirelessly for the best creative solution. The quality, naturalness, perfect fit, size and shape of my teeth are truly remarkable. I now have the radiant smile I always wanted, and the overbite is corrected.

Dr. Dave has given me much more than a beautiful smile. I urge anyone that is considering cosmetic/corrective dentistry, implants, and/or dentures to make an appointment with Dr. David Casagrande. He will always be the prosthodontist for my family and me. I hold him and the staff in the highest of regard. With deep gratitude,"

Brenda H.

Dr. David Casagrande

River Valley Advanced Dental & Implant Center

Dr. David Casagrande is a renowned prosthodontist who has been caring for the most complex cases for more than 40 years. He is a member of various professional organizations:

  • Montana Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • The Academy of Osseointegration

To discuss your oral health concerns with our team, request a consultation online or call us at (406) 656-2000.

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When you go to Dr. David Casagrande, you are treated with the utmost respect. They make sure everyone is comfortable and really accommodate the needs of their patients. I am so grateful I have such a wonderful Prosthodontist office so close by.

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