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At River Valley Advanced Dental & Implant Center, our goal is to provide natural-looking, durable dental crowns that are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Depending on your needs, prosthodontist David Casagrande can help you choose from gold crowns, zirconia crowns, or e.max crowns. With proper care, patients at our Billings, MT, and Boise, ID, dental offices enjoy their crowns for up to a decade or more.

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Dr. Casagrande: We offer a multitude of different crown options at our office. Our goal is to provide a crown that doesn't look like a Chiclet but a crown that is so natural-looking that it is hard to tell if it's a tooth or a crown. That is the greatest compliment we can be paid, is that a crown cannot be separated from the rest of the teeth in the patient's mouth. In our office, we use gold crowns, zirconia crowns, and E-max or dilithium silica crowns. All of these have different reasons for their use, and all of them can be applied to different situations. The key is no two patients are the same, and we don't just always use zirconia crowns or always use E-max crowns. We differentiate what the patient needs and use what's the most appropriate for the patient in their specific situation. If your dental crowns are cared for appropriately, they can last a very long time. The key is appropriate flossing and appropriate care of those restorations on a daily basis, as well as appropriate professional cleanings at least once a year.

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When you go to Dr. David Casagrande, you are treated with the utmost respect. They make sure everyone is comfortable and really accommodate the needs of their patients. I am so grateful I have such a wonderful dentist office so close by. James M.

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